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Jun 26
Best of Cars and Coffee – Showcasing the Finest in Automotive Excellence

Prepare for an exceptional automotive showcase at “Best Of Cars and Coffee,” hosted by Arizona Cars and Coffee. Taking place in Phoenix, Arizona, this prestigious event brings together 12 of the top 25 Cars and Coffee organizers from across the state. Against the backdrop of Phoenix’s dynamic car culture, this gathering promises to be a […]

Apr 10
Electrify Your World: The Ultimate EV Experience at the Electrify Expo in Glendale, AZ

Are you ready to be part of the electric revolution? The Electrify Expo, held at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ, on May 4-5, is not just an event; it’s a movement. As we step into a world where electric vehicles (EVs) are no longer the future but the present, this expo serves as […]

Feb 10
BESPOKEV Electric Vehicle Cars and Coffee Scottsdale Event

Get ready for an electrifying weekend with the BESPOKEV Cars and Coffee event, designed for electric vehicle enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Positioned in the lively Phoenix Metro area, this special event warmly welcomes all—from Tesla group members to various other EV club affiliates and the general public with an interest in electric vehicles. It serves […]

Dec 31
Unleash the Future: Scottsdale, Arizona’s Hummer EV Experience

In 2023, the automotive world witnessed a revolution when the Hummer EV was crowned Car of the Year. Scottsdale, Arizona, is privileged to host one of the earliest Hummer EV models, available for an exclusive demo test drive even before it hits the dealerships. With a remarkable battery pack delivering over 350 miles of range […]

Sep 06
Welcome to Arizona EV Club!

Welcome to Arizona EV Club: Your Hub for Electric Vehicle Enthusiasm in Arizona! Hello and welcome to the official blog of the Arizona EV Club! Nestled in the diverse landscapes of the American Southwest, Arizona serves as a backdrop to a burgeoning movement – the shift towards electric vehicles. If you’re reading this, chances are […]